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Philippines Prices 2002
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P132 $2.64 Adobo
P17 $.34 Ash Tray
P132 $2.64 Bangus
P88 $1.76 Basket Of Bread
P1200 $24.00 Bath Robe
P370 $7.40 Bath Towel
P105 $2.10 Breakfast American
P180 $3.60 Breakfast Filipino
P2700 $54.00 Budget Rent A Car
P54 $1.08 Cheese Potato Skins
P77 $1.54 Chicken Noodle Soup
P99 $1.98 Chili
P150 $3.00 Cigerette Lighter
P138 $2.76 Club Sandwich
P28 $.56 Coffee
P50 $1.00 Coke In Can
P56 $1.12 Face Towel
P194 $3.88 Fish & Chips
P102 $2.04 Fruit Platter
P131 $2.62 Ham & CheeseSandwich
P2337,5 $46.75 Laundry
P4505 $90.10 Legend Room
P1319 $26.38 Maharajah Room
P35 $.70 Mango Juice
P75 $1.50 Mango Shake
P40 $.80 Milk
P31 $.62 Mineral Water
P60 $1.20 Omelette
P120 $2.40 Pancakes
P136 $2.72 Pancit
P70 $1.40 Picture Frame
P135 $2.70 Pinakbet sa pal
P1700 $34.00 Playa Papagyo Room
P28 $.56 Rice
P2200 $44.00 Subic International Room
P28 $.56 Tea Hot
P40 $.80 Tea Ice
P43 $.86 Toast
P6335 $126.70 VCD & 13 inch TV
P154 $3.08 Waffles
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