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Exchange Rates
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USD Worth Of Pesos
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Current P,77
Apr 2006 P,49
Mar 2006 P,26
Feb 2006 P,85
Jan 2006 P,62
Dec 2005 P,59
Nov 2005 P,56
Oct 2005 P,70
Sep 2005 P,23
Aug 2005 P,01
Jul 2005 P,09
Jun 2005 P,22
May 2005 P,40
Apr 2005 P,57
Mar 2005 P,47
2005 P,13
2004 P,19
2003 P,31
2002 P,73
2001 P,16
2000 P,34
1999 P,14
1998 P,00
1997 P,62
1996 P,22
1995 P,72
1994 P,59
1993 P,68
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