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Disneyland Article
Star Tours Will Roam A New World Hyperspace Mountain Will Return Too
Alysia Gray Painter
What to Know

1 Star Tours — The Adventures Continue is located in Tomorrowland at Disneyland Park in Anaheim

2 The attraction will feature new experiences inspired by recent Disney+ series; look for ''The Mandalorian,'' ''Ahsoka,'' and ''Andor'' to be featured starting April 5

3 ''Season of the Force'' returns on April 5 as well; Space Mountain will transform into Hyperspace Mountain through June 2

Galactic goings-on are always in motion, whatever the time of year and whatever the season here on Earth.

Stars are forming, asteroids are asteroiding, and the various dynamic bits and bobs of the universe are shining, bursting, swirling, ending, and doing all of the things that cosmic components have always dramatically done.

But here on our planet, specifically around the city of Anaheim in the county of Orange? We'll want to keep a keener eye on the earthly calendar, specifically springtime, specifically most of April, all of May, and a little of June.

For that's when ''Season of the Force'' will return to Disneyland Park, all to give fans of the theme park, which is known for several stellar ''Star Wars'' attractions, events, and offerings, even more to Chewbacca, er, chew on.

It's an annual happening that always rockets back to Disneyland in time for May 4, May the Fourth, or May the Force Be With You Day, also known around the world as Star Wars Day.

But that merry ''May the Fourth'' energy extends beyond May 4 nowadays, at least around The Hyperspace-iest Place on Earth; you can enjoy several ''Star Wars''-inspired sights and sounds from April 5 through June 2, 2024.

This includes the new planetary adventures set to debut at Star Tours — The Adventures Continue, a beloved ride that will visit a previously unseen world, at least a world new to the Tomorrowland attraction.

''With these additions, guests will have the opportunity to experience one of more than 250 storyline variations aboard the attraction, including a visit to the planet Peridea from the 'Ahsoka' series,'' shares the Disneyland team.

''During their Starspeeder flight, guests may receive urgent transmissions from Ahsoka Tano, Cassian Andor, or Din Djarin and Grogu.''

Just beyond Star Tours is, of course, Space Mountain, which will again transform into ''Hyperspace Mountain'' during ''Season of the Force,'' complete with ''Star Wars''-details, images, and audio.

And over at Galaxy's Edge, which is just a short time-hop/space-skip away from the otherworldly attractions of Tomorrowland?

Look for a ''fresh perspective'' on the nightly fireworks show, an illuminated experience that includes thrilling tunes and lights dancing along the land's dramatic spires.

Treats that take their tasty theming from the ''Star Wars''-verse are also part of the ''Force''-centered festivities, as is new merchandise.

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