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My Trips To The Philippines

Click the above image to view a large map of Luzon

I made 4 trips to the Philippines in 2002 and took over 2000 pictures. I was mainly in Central Luzon area. The Philippines is a very beautiful and wonderful country with probably the nicest people on earth living there..In the gallery you can find a portion of my pictures showing a slice of life in the Philippines..Enjoy!!

Jeepney in the Philippines

In the Philippines Jeepneys are used for public transprotation. They are based on the Military Jeeps chassis but lengthened to accommodate about 10 people (although usually they load them with 15 or more people). The Jeepneys run on set routes (color coded to which route it runs) but you could have them stop anywhere along the route to get on or get off. The cost to ride was less than 10 cents in 2002.

Here is a quote I found on another site which perfectly decribes riding in Jeepneys in the Philippines: "GOLLY! we ain't got nothin' like that back home. Wher's muh camera and I ain't never been no place they drive with one hand on the horn and one out the window. LOOK OUT!!! Man that was close!!! I never knew an old lady could jump like that

Above is a photo of me at Playa Papagayo in Olongapo City Bo. Barretto, Philippines

Above is a photo of me playing tourist in a tricycle in Olongapo City, Philippines

Tricycles are used for point to point transportation. They are 90-125cc motorcycles with covered sidecars that can carry 2 people. The cost to ride was less than 50 cents. Me being 6 foot tall I had a terrible time trying to fit into the sidecar! Ridding in them was fun and scary at the same time!
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