February 2010
Here is the summary of the past month’s shit:


Of course I have missed quite a few months since the past newsletter, so some of the stuff I post will be a tad “old”, but you can be assured that most of the other “revered” AC newsletters have not mentioned most of that stuff, neither the details nor particulars.

Its summer now in AC. Days are hot as hell.



Police Station 4 has a new commander....AGAIN! Too many complaints received by the regional director in Camp Olivas, San Fernando. The new Chief is Noel Caligagan, brother of July Caligagan who handles the traffic police out of their office at City Hall. Rumor has it that “Black-shirt/trousers STEVE”...the Poreigner who hangs out there will be booted out. Being that his presence there hasn’t improved things whatsoever, that could be a good thing.

Sights around AC:



I know it’s cruel to chuckle, but there seems to be a Group of Geriatrics that hang out each morning at the coffee shop on the second floor at SM Clark. The place looks like a fucking Nursing Home. LOL! God bless them!



The stalls now almost ALL have rented the road in front of their laces to other vendor-booths....leaving practically no more parking and terribly increasing congestion of the place. Pinoy Logic at it’s Best. LOL!

On another note, those vendor-stalls across from Tequila Reef have now been evicted, and the area roped off. Seems like someone with “power” took matters into their own hands. Kudos!


Medispa: (Checkpoint behind Ministop)

A branch of their place on Macarthur near Didi’s Pizza). Same pricing as the other location. Legit massage. Nowhere near as good as the massage at the GoldenK Spa, albeit a much newer and nicer facility.


Da Bars:

Valhallah Bar:

Another ongoing lengthy Reno-virus! LOL! That tiny place should have been finished weeks ago! Ya right...Fields SURE needs another eatery.



Big Hits:

Trying to survive. A decent size hangout for the Maddogs on Saturday afternoons.



Lady O’:

At the extreme rear of the EuroAsia hotel. They are trying to be the “Flamingo Bar” of yore (Remember the one at the rear pool of the Orchid Inn?) which isn’t that great. Neither are/were busy.



Lanie’s Tourist Hangout:

New signage. Same shit. The waitresses ain’t pretty and rarely go out. Great place to be pestered by beggars and vendors though. LOL!





Off Macarthur, across the street from Saver’s Mall. (behind the Ministop, beside Mr.Frosty, the same street as Angeles Fried Chicken) A small little-known joint. A Pinoy-catered GRO Bar. Cool girls.



Midnight Rock:

This bar has gone “native” with its exterior facade. LOL! The “nippa-roof” stood uncompleted for a few weeks with a large hole in the front of it....now it is finally finished...complete with the green plastic “net” to hold the leaves together. LOL!



The Club:

A Korean-catered GRO bar. A funny banner out front; “We are always open for GROs”. LOL!



Touch of Velvet:

Still managing. Still open.


Wee George:

Seen taking out their stuff the other day. CLOSED.



Moons Bar: (Diamond Subdv.)


The old bar beside it (forget the name) is undergoing a “reno-virus”. Wonder what the new place will be like. I loved the old shoddy seedy place. LOL!






The Donald Paul Apartelle:

The dude who inherited the place STILL has the “weird-vehicle-toys” out front of his joint on A.Surla St. (Hygene Blvd) Give the bloke credit for trying so hard to spruce and liven up the place. The “FOR SALE” banner is no longer out front.




Weird. They have a banner out on Perimeter Rd saying: “NEW PREMIER HOTEL” but out front AND inside there is absolutely no change! LOL!



Silks Inn: (Malabanias Road, past ACP Buiding Supply)

The new road is finally finished leading to this once-popular ST-Hotel. The place is deteriorating fast. Poor upkeep and maintenance. What a shame.



Hotel Eureka:

Tel: 045-892-7361, Cell: 0926-235-1539, email: hotel_eureka@yahoo.com



On Perimeter Rd, just past/before Gentlemen’s Club. (that new “strip-plaza” that was recently built)

Very simple clean Spartan rooms. I posted pics of the Standard Room for 850php. The Deluxe Room is a whopping 900php, and a Twin Room for a whopping 1000php. They also own Cox Hotel & Resort (Formerly the famed “Villa Modesto”) www.coxhotelresort.com

Good value. A Deluxe Room is 1200php and a spacious Family Room is only 1500php. All Brand new including the pool.



Expat Lodge and Car Hire:

Wierd combo. Still under construction.



A-7 Apartelle (?)


 I truly forgot the exact name of that place before. It was a hotel on MacArthur just a stone’s throw from the foot of Fields. A truly beautiful place with modern interior of the room matched only by the ABC Hotel. Fair priced as well. It has recently been closed. Shame.



EuroAsia Hotel:


A cool pool design with those shower-jets, although I could see some finding it mildly annoying after a while. Nice poolside bar.




Tequila Reef:


Still open. That is all that I can comment now. LOL!



Bar Academy:

Zeppelin St. (near Hensonville) Poor food, poorer service. The owners definitely haven’t a clue. A total waste of space.



Black Angus Steak and Rib House: (Amsterdam Hotel)

Massive daring menu resulting in stratospheric high prices. Completely out of place for the vast majority of clientele on Fields.



Ruth Chris/Olive Garden:

Same as the previous comments.  A hopeful strive to bring “Haute Cuisine” to Fields. The punter-profile currently in AC ain’t ready for that yet. Kudos for trying though.



Katzuri: (corner Malabania & Zeppelin, beside the old PIH Hospital)

Finally! A place that has “got the message”. In a town where most equate Japanese food with so-so and expensive, the new Katzuri serves very decent Japanese-like food at a fair price. A definite place to try.



Hea  nde:

Down the street from Barhoppin and Pussycat Dolls Bars. A take-off from the Ikabod concept. Save your cash and take your barfine there to eat local food. She will appreciate it more than Ruth Chris/Olive Garden at the EuroAsia Hotel. LOL!



Doblings: (near the VFW on Don Juico)

Expanded menu. Ok food.



Coffee Club: (EuroAsia Hotel)

Trying to be good.




A reno to its original cubicle that it operated out of when it first opened. Business is booming. So much for Pinoys in AC not appreciating non-Pinoy cuisine. LOL!



The Bavarian Lion: (Friendship Highway, beside Timog Park Homes)



They are opening a branch at The Courtyard Foodcourt Complex. Best of luck to them. A tough sell. The Friendship location is still dead-quiet.



Screaming Eagle Cafe: (Formerly Easy Rider)


Amazingly, the place has stood its ground and persevered. They have a frequent customer base. Good for them. One of the owners is a really nice bloke.



So, that is all for February 2010. See ya all shitfaced next month!


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